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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From Door to Decor

I bought this plain wood door at a yard sale for $.25. I used prime and paint and then went to my cricut to cut some vinyl.

I had just the bird on there and it didnt look right so I added the twigs and whala! The cheapest decor ever!!

ThriftyThurs Thrifty Thursday Week 31

Plant Stand

The redone plant stand. I scored this little piece at a yard sale for $1. Once again I forgot before pictures but it was just plain wood.

First I tried yellow which totally came out AWFUL!
The purple on the other hand came out beautiful. I needed something for the top and absolutely loved these white roses.

I mod podged it right and on there. Cant wait to get a plant with a beautiful pot on there!!

Transformation Thursday

Passionately Artistic

The Refurbished... TimeOut Chair

So I found this chair at a yard sale for $1. I did have before pictures until my SD card decided to take a crap on me.

I let it sit for a little since I didnt have any spray paint on hand until... craigslist for free came across! Free paint!! I ended up with 8 cans of spray paint and a few half gallons!!

So I used primer and paint and my cricut for the vinyl.

I actually just broke it in today. Wasn't thinking... should have gotten a picture.

Transformation Thursday

ThriftyThurs Thrifty Thursday Week 31

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Third Addition

Mr. Dante Nelson was welcomed into the world on June 17th at 10:45am, weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 10 oz.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anthropology Inspired Topiary

So I actually got half this idea from homemade ginger with her anthropology inspired blooms.

First I bought two terra cotta pot from Michaels that cost me a dollar and some change a piece. There are holes on the bottom so I glued a piece of cardboard to the bottom stuck my bamboo skewer through and hot glued from the bottom.

Then I painted the pot with a beige folkart acrylic paint.

Then I went into my drive way and collected rocks to fill almost to the top. This also did the job of holding the bamboo skewer. I added seashells on top to hide the rocks and hot glued seashells around the side.

I then made the ball with q-tips. You can find a full tutorial at homemade ginger.

I just love how they turned out!!! : )

Transformation Thursday

The DIY Show Off
36th Avenue

Plate Makeover

Okay. Im Back!! Had a baby on the 17th and Im ready to craft again!!

I bought this plastic plate at walmart for $1. They had all kinds of colors and I loved the edging on this plate that gave it some class.

Up close you can totally tell it was a homemade project but nobody will ever get close enough to my mantel to tell : )

First I measured the flat circle with a protractor. Drew it on a plan piece of computer paper and cut it out by hand. I Mod Podged the paper right on there.

Once that was dry I cut out the design on my cricut and mod podged that right on. I did not give the flower a coat on top because I wanted a dull look.

My mom totally thought I bought this at Pier 1 and that it was a ceramic plate... Project accomplished : )

Transformation Thursday

The DIY Show Off

36th Avenue

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Free Recycle Box!

Go Green!!! I have never recycled and it started to really bother me. After I discovered and witnessed what a landfill looked like I was heartbroken for our society and the earth. So I am now doing my part. But I didnt want that ugly blue recycling box they provide you with in my house. What better way to make a recycling box than with everything recycled! I used all my left over scrapbooking paper and mod podged it right on there. Nothing fancy nothing pretty and it still came out super cute! I used stencils and permanent marker to put on the word Recycle.
I am now doing my part to save future generations : )